Loose Incense

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Intention: Health & Healing

Each batch of this ritual loose incense is skillfully and thoughtfully hand-blended. The herbs, mastics, resins, fruit, oils, etc. of our proprietary blends are expertly curated to fit the needs of your spellwork/rituals/devotionals/etc.

Incense is available for the following purposes:

  • Health & Healing: for use in all healing and health related work whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional
  • Hex-Breaker & Protection: ComaVVitch's signature blend designed for hex-breaking, protection from threats both physical and spiritual, cleansing, banishing, exorcism, reversing, and warding against malicious witchery
  • Love: for use in your love and relationship spellwork/rituals/devotionals/etc.
  • Necromancy & Underworld: for use in working with the dead/daemon and any other forces of the underworld. Also appropriate for ancestor work and Khthonic Deities
  • Sex Magick: not to be confused with Love, this blend is designed for enhancing sex magick rituals and the energies generated as a result. Also is designed to enhance lustful passions and manifestations (Valentine's Day Pick!)
  • Wealth & Abundance: for use is all money, wealth, and abundance related work

Incense is sold in 1 oz (by weight) tin and is intended to be used with a charcoal burner/censer.

Note: while these may have a pleasant smell, they are first and foremost tools to aid in your craft and not purely intended to fragrance/deodorize your living/work space. Additionally, incense is made of natural organic material based upon local availability, this can cause some variation in appearance, but rest assured the quality and functionality will always be of the highest degree.

*WARNING* Loose incense is not intended for consumption or smoking. Please do not leave burning incense unattended and keep out of reach of pets and children. Be aware that using a charcoal incense burner/censer can get very hot, use with caution. Please clear area of all flammable materials prior to use. Only use in a properly ventilated area and/or with an open window. Please use common sense when it comes to fire safety.