Hekate Iynx Wheel (Strophalos)

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Sigil: Hekate Sigil

ComaVVitch Hekate Iynx Wheels are hand made and inscribed with Hekate's Sigil.
A MUST HAVE for any devotee of Hekate.

The Iynx Wheel (Stophalos) is a tool/spiritual ally use in Hekatean spellwork, ritual, meditation, etc. The spinning of the Iynx compels the attention of Hekate.

Available with two sigil options:

  • Hekate Sigil
  • Jack Grayle's Crossroads Sigil

Excerpt from Jack Grayle's "The Hekatæon" states:

"The ancient Greeks referred to otherworldly messengers as iynges...
...The very first iynges were actual wryneck birds which were tied spread-eagle to small wheels. When the wheels were spun, the birds would hiss, and their writhing would accelerate the wheels' rotation. These devices were understood to compel the attention of the gods. But eventually iynges were simplified into a sorcerous tool called a STROPHALOS. The STROPHALOS was a small disk with two holes in the center through which a string was strung. By firmly pulling on both strings at the same time, the STROPHALOS would whirl forwards and then backward, making a humming, hissing noise - much like the bound bird. So the STROPHALOS was given the nickname IYNX, and like its namesake, it was understood to compel the attention of the targeted spirit or god."