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Intention Paper made specifically for writing vows (to yourself, your partner, to anyone), oaths, promises, etc. PERFECT for wedding vows!

Each extra-large sheet (4x larger than standard intention papers) is handmade and infused with herbs to aid in the setting of your vows.
Write down your vows on the paper and keep it in a safe place as part of your special day, burn it, bury it, hide it, destroy it, it is completely up to you.
There are no clear cut instructions on how to use these papers. Use them however feels right to you! You’re in charge of your craft/tools! That’s the beauty of witchcraft!

Sheets sold individually.
Sheets come untrimmed (rough edges) and unstamped.

If using for wedding vows, it is recommended to purchase multiple sheets to accommodate both partners as well as sheets on which to "practice" writing your respective vows.

Vow papers are not an available option in BYO variety packs.

**Since all intention papers are made by hand with recycled paper, the intensity and shade of the color might not be identical to the photograph. Every batch turns out a little different!**

Disclaimer: Product not intended for consumption.
*WARNING* If you burn your vow paper, please do not leave burning paper unattended and keep out of reach of pets and children. Please clear area of all flammable materials prior to use. Only use in a properly ventilated area and/or with an open window. Please use common sense when it comes to fire safety.