Hekate Cleansing Bell Talisman

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These handmade Hekate Bell Talismans are a great way to welcome Hekate into your rituals and living area/workspace.
They are a great alternative to smoke cleansing bundles for children, those that are sensitive to smoke/scents, or have allergies to commonly used cleansing herbs.

Each talisman contains a protection pentacle, a Hekate's Wheel (Stropholos) charm, a serpent charm, a torch charm, a key charm, and of course, bells.

Suggested Uses:

  • Invoke Hekate in your rituals and/or spellwork.
  • Meditate with the talisman to reinforce the spiritual connection with Hekate.
  • Open your windows and gently shake talisman to ring the bells around your living area/workspace. While doing so, thank any energies in your home and firmly invite unwanted energies to leave.
  • Hang talisman on your door so that Hekate and good energies are brought in (while expelling negative) whenever your door opens/closes.
  • Hang above consecrated areas to welcome Hekate and provide energy and protection.
  • Hang near your bed to strengthen your bond with Hekate during the liminal state of sleep.
  • However you see fit.
Each Hekate Bell Talisman is handmade so there may be some slight variance in appearance from the photos on this listing.

Note: Talisman does contain small pieces that, while are secured, can be removed and could present a possible choking hazard for pets and young children, this is also why we recommend GENTLY shaking the item. Please use under adult supervision.